We inform you that the "PUMA - PUblication MAnagement" publication management system ended its service function on December 31, 2018.
The system, PUMA, in its original configuration, is temporarily still available, only in connection as an "employee" by hardware and software constraints that limit the possibility of being maintained over time.
With this new "PUMAlabx" site, operating on a new machine, with a new system, a new "PumaX" software version has also become available. The new PUMAX system maintains the entire PUMA archive, and is now available as both a historical archive and an updatable archive.

Thanks to all the people and institutions who participated in the experimentation and contributed to the success that "PUMA" has achieved from 2004 to today.

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(Mediterranean Coastal Marine DL)


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 Collection GEO: Version 2004 Dublin-Core


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